Brandon Arnett was born in Richmond, IN and grew up on the outskirts of Spartanburg. Ever since he was young he had always loved sports and music. When he was 6 he was on his first little league team and started playing basketball at the closest YMCA. By the time he was 8 he also started to play soccer and take Tai-Kwan-Do. During elementary school he started his music education learning the basics of music and saxophone at age 11. When he was 12, Brandon took up running. He had learned from his classmates about cross-country, which was a whole new experience for him. He was hooked. By the time Brandon had entered into Jr/Sr. High School, his main focus had become sports and music. He was in many different sports including cross-country, track, basketball, little league baseball, and soccer. He had also started participating in 4H.

When Brandon got to high school he focused more on a select number of sports. He stopped playing soccer and baseball, instead focusing on running and basketball. He ran varsity cross-country and track all 4 years of high school and played varsity basketball his senior year. After graduating from Randolph Southern Jr/Sr. High School in 2009, with academic honors, Brandon attended Indiana University in Bloomington. He also continued his running with the IU running club. After his first year he transferred to Indiana University East because he wanted to run cross-country and track. While at IUE, Brandon was on 2 different 4X800 record setting teams and won 3 all conference medals.

During his Jr/Sr. High School years Brandon played the saxophone in concert band, and pep band. He also marched in local parades such as the Lynn Days Parade and the Spartanburg Memorial Day Parade. His senior year he also participated in a Jazz Ensemble where he was the featured alto saxophone soloist. After graduating and attending IU Bloomington, he started to learn classical guitar. While at IUE, he joined the music program to further his musical education. He continued his classical guitar studies, started to take private saxophone lessons, and played pep and jazz band.

After graduating I plan to coach cross-country and basketball and continue to play my saxophone and guitar. I also plan to continue running races and would like to start up a racing series a few years down the line.



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