For my presentation I wanted to see if different genres of music affected runners during a workout and also explain how listening to music before a workout helps slow the heart rate and relax you before going into the workout. I conducted my presentation with the mid distance runners on the track team at IU East. I explained to them about why listening to music helps before the workout and then had them go through their stretching routine while listening to classical music. After stretching and warming up we went out to the track and they ran 6 200m intervals. The first interval was done without music and the rest of the intervals each with one of the three genres of music I had chosen. The songs I used during this workout were 2 dubstep songs, 2 alternative rock songs, and 1 classical piece. After each 200 interval they would record how they felt on a 1-10 scale and then after the workout they filled out a quick survey.

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Project Outline

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The results overall were very successful. According to the survey conducted after the workout, for most of them the music helped they recover between intervals and they felt better during the intervals. Half of them said the music before the workout helped create a more relaxed mood before the workout and the other half didn’t really notice the effect of the music during warmups. Overall they did feel better during the workout because of the music and they said they had more energy during the workout. Half of them preferred the alternative and the other half the dubstep as their personal favorites. Each answer for which genre had the most affect was different.

Overall I found that the interval without music was their worst interval. I reflected with the times they ran and how they said they felt during that interval. Their best intervals were their last intervals. All intervals that had music they felt better than the interval without music. Though not all of them preferred the alternative or thought it helped the most, according to the results it was the most helpful.

My conclusion is that music does affect runners during a workout and helps them recover between intervals and genre does make a slight difference. The alternative rock with a little more up tempo gives the best results.


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